I am massively overdue a huge catch up post. It’s been a crazy, busy month (or two!) but I wanted to quickly pop by and tell you about this lovely gesture that’s come about since the atrocity in Manchester. The Manchester bombing has shaken me somewhat, both because it’s my home town and because I… Continue reading #AHEART4MCR

Out and About

The days at the moment are flying by. February was a blur and March seems to be the same. I had my little notification to tell me that my blog was registered a year ago which hammered the point home. Since actually starting to write on my blog (nearly a year later!) the time seems… Continue reading Out and About

World Book Day

Today is World Book Day in the UK and Ireland. Parents either love it or hate it. I fall somewhere in the middle. Whilst I love the sentiment of book appreciation (and look forward to the boys choosing books with their tokens), it does seem to be more about the costumes these days and the message can… Continue reading World Book Day

Procrastinate no more …

I’ve toyed with writing a blog for years (and years). All geared up at the prospect of turning forty, I eventually activated one. I am now a month away from my forty-first birthday. Yes, I am… Source: Procrastinate no more …